As a Team made up of people with diverse talents and expertise, we devise and implement volunteering projects to deliver innovative solutions for the benefit of local communities of Turin


As a Team made up of people with diverse talents and expertise, we devise and implement volunteering projects to deliver innovative solutions for the benefit of local communities of Turin




#EUnite was born as a collective effort of 30+ Global Shaper Hubs to celebrate Unity in Diversity on the annual Europe Day in May 2020, despite the upheaval posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Within the 2021 edition, Turin Hub is organizing a series of three intergenerational discussions for local communities of Turin. We also co-organize and contribute to several international social media campaigns.


Scale360° Circular Innovation

We are one of four Hubs selected by the WEF to implement the pilot project of the Scale360° Circular Innovation, an initiative which aims at accelerating the transition to the Circular Economy in diverse local ecosystems through the selection, development and delivery of interventions designed by international experts and shared in an original multimedia toolkit.


Heroes Never Sleep

A project developed by all Global Shapers Hubs based in Italy and powered by Lavazza Group, Heroes Never Sleep aims at raising awareness about the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030). It tells stories of Local Heroes through multimedia interviews published on social media and on a dedicated website. They reveal what motivates them to work every day in service of their local communities, and what are their secret superpowers



Turin Hub participates in the IMPROVE project led by Global Shapers Milan Hub to reduce youth unemployment in Italy. The project educates high schol students about the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the job market. Shapers regularly deliver talks, workshops and webinars. We have also written a book published by Talent Ventures The Professions of the Future: Why 65% of Today’s Youth Will Have a Job That Doesn’t Exist Yet.




Project LEI aims at providing young women in Turin with direct mentorship from successful female leaders. It will constitute of a series of digital panels with inspiring women from the worlds of business, politics, culture, science, media and academia, who will also serve as a jury in a creative contest for girls interested in pursuing similar professional paths in the future. The project is currently in development and will be unveiled in 2021. For more information, please contact

Impact Areas

At the Global Shapers Annual Summit 2018, Hub leaders determined three priority Impact Areas
that have been integrated into the Community’s global and regional programming, partnerships and projects
to engage Shapers in an intentional collaboration.

We are the first generation living with the significant effects of climate change and  possibly the last one that can reverse the course. Naturally, we are passionate about Sustainability, including Circular Economy, Conscious Consumerism and Conservation.

We follow the developments of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with as much excitement as caution, concerned about its impact especially on the access to quality learning and dignified work for all. We’re doing our best to share our knowledge and skills with local communities and beyond.

We envision a world where young people drive community engagement, policymaking and systems change, inspiring collective action and intergenerational collaboration for a more equitable future. We use our voices and platforms to champion Humanitarian Assistance, Gender Equity, Racial Equity, and Social Inclusion of minorities, including migrants, sexual and gender minorities, and people with disabilities.


Your Project

Our mission is to serve local stakeholders for the benefit of local communities of Turin. As volunteers, we can share insights and contacts, and/or deliver talks, workshops, facilitation, contents or other contributions.